The KOHL brand has a diverse and solution based management team with over 20 years experience in the construction industry. KOHL has an experienced team of project managers and sales staff and have a reputation which has been built on providing competitive product lines, exceptional service and quality products to clients throughout Australia. With a significant focus on research and development, KOHL has developed world-class products to meet the evolution of building design.

KOHL works closely with architects, hotels, commercial and residential builders to develop bespoke solutions adapted to clients specific requirements.

Our success is based on:

  • Design focused, stylish systems
  • High levels of quality control
  • Good lead times
  • Delivery on precise, technical and custom made materials for bespoke projects
  • Versatility from standard lines to custom made materials all delivered at competitive prices
  • Good communications between architects, designers and the manufacturer
  • After-sales service
  • On-site workmanship
  • Seamless project management

Why choose KOHL?

High quality products built largely off-site for a faster, simpler, more affordable construction solutions.



At KOHL, we’re continually developing next generation products that are sleeker in design, faster to install, require less time on site, are more cost effective and deliver a comprehensively better service to give our business – and your business – a distinct competitive advantage.


KOHL has the products, the people and the experience to provide smart, cost effective solutions for large scale projects. We understand the complexities and timelines of major projects. And we deliver turn key solutions that flow from concept through manufacture and installation to project management and ongoing service and support.


Whether it’s a balustrade, shower screen, privacy screen or pool fence, KOHL is dedicated to bringing high level design and implementation expertise together with uncompromising manufacturing quality to ensure every installation and every component lives up to our minimum standard of ‘world’s best’.